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Madonna - 18yo


Madonna - 18yo

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Anonymous asked: Did you ever have braces or dental work or are your teeth naturally perfect? I'm jealous

Yes :D I had them for 18 months about 9 years ago now! Sheesh that time flew haha. Thanks x

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colorvomitworld asked: Hey. You're beautiful. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you didn't already know. :) <3 Followed ya!

You’re lovely! Thank you :) xx

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Anonymous asked: What happened with you and Lauren? I envied the friendship you guys had.

Oh man, envy Emma and I, that’s a real friendship.

5keng asked: miss you hun


illwriteyournameinblood asked: you are by far the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, my god.

Thank you :) Very kind!

Anonymous asked: Are you still friends with Lauren? You guys used to always hang out...


Anonymous asked: lol, I think it goes without saying that you're not any of the shit people say you are. As cliche as it sounds people are just mad jealous. You should just ignore the trolls, the more you respond the more they're going to harass you. The want to get to you.

They could troll me all day long and still not make a difference to my mindset! Thanks though :)

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Anonymous asked: Meant actual in regards to the sleeve. When done at different times some people view it as one complete while others view em separately. Didn't mean to imply fake! Haha. Either way you're gorgeous :)

Thanks :)

Anonymous asked: Roughly how many people have you slept with and how does Alex rank in the bed? Numba 1?

Roughly how many people do you think would honestly bother answering a question like this? I answer almost all of my anons but come on man, this is a little too much don’t you think?

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Anonymous asked: Wheres your favourite place for Alex to blow his load?

Inside me?

Lol wot even.

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