Anonymous said: As sweet as grey can get. I looove a bit of mystery, don't you? ;)

Haha mystery is fun but I hate not knowing….

ninajae said: aw it was no trouble at all :3 thanks for reblogging my face! hahaha i'm still lusting over my freshly bleached hair tbh

Ha ha no problemo! Where are you from? I bleached the ends of my hair once upon a time and it snapped off! :( Be careful!

ninajae said: hi there c: you reblogged a photo of my shoes and i guess i just randomly clicked on your url. now that i'm here, i'd just like to say that your blog is phenomenal, you're extremely pretty, and I adore your style :3

Awwwww shucks thanks princess <3 We have the same shoes so we most likely have the same style!! We rule ;) Thanks for taking the time to message me! xxx

thinbaddie-deactivated20130221 said: Do you take photo's of boys sleeping (I am assuming he is asleep)?! Eep I have over 100 photo's of Terry sleeping on my phone ^.^ He thinks I am crazy.

Guilty as charged. I guess that makes the two of us crazy! <3

youdietoo-deactivated20131201 said: Aha well atleast now I know it was you, I didn't know what to expect at that place. I was the only one there in a Misfits shirt/dress if you saw one. Next time I'll be sure to say hello :)

I remember seeing a Misfits t-shirt but I don’t remember the face! Gahh, it’s so dark in there! Make sure you do, i’ll be looking forward to it! xx

youdietoo-deactivated20131201 said: At tramp ? :)

I was there early on in the night but I left at about 12:30ish? It was most likely me! You should have risked it and said hiiiii!!

youdietoo-deactivated20131201 said: Either I saw you or your twin out last night, I'm not sure

Where were you? This is so exciting! x

Anonymous said: Didn't Garra bash you when you guys were dating?

I guess that’s none of your business hey grey face.

Anonymous said: Were your venom piercings painful to get? Are they taking long to heal? and what methods do you use to keep it from getting infected? P.S THEY LOOK GREAT

They hurt SOOOOOO much! By far the most painful thing I have ever done to my body. If I had of known just how painful they were going to be I probably wouldn’t have gotten them. I got them a week ago and have just started eating SOME solid food. Everything hurts to eat though. Food gets caught in between the two of them and I have to use my finger to push it on down the hatch! It’s quite a task! To avoid infection I’m using a combination of Listerine and the mouth wash I brought from the piercer. I heard hot water and salt could speed up the process though so I might give that a try tomorrow. Hopefully they fully heal soon. I don’t know how much longer I can cope with the pain (and the lack of food)!

youdietoo-deactivated20131201 said: I'm in dire need of somewhere to buy another pair of creepers and considering I moved back to Melbourne today I thought it best to ask you :) <3

Oh darling, mine are from Devil Kitty on Brunswick Street. I was there last week and they have sold out! The shop assistant told me that they won’t be expecting a delivery until late October! Happy hunting :) <3

beeasytolove said: Jui jui what's with the depressing posts?

Not depressed. Not at all actually. Just thinking about how I’d kill myself if I was going to. Xx

theblacksocks-deactivated8102011 said: Garra back on the scene? ;)

He brings me happiness :)

thinbaddie-deactivated20130221 said: You are such a babe ;)

Nahh yew! <3

spreadya-cheeks said: I love you, Candy!

I love you too, Kristy-lee!

b-o-n-e-d-u-s-t-deactivated2011 said: Awh, you're so lovely! ♥

Just being honest <3

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